Mont-Pèlerin, Exposition chez Oliver Schneider et Patricia Pittet en 2015

The Parallel Elements: Approach to the clouds
I make my sketches in the nature. I love "to feel" plants with my pencil and to fathom them in her volume. Then I take a single form and transform this to a portable, unique “mini sculpture”.
According to detailed study of my sketches, I synthesize forms which I arrange then in a parallel related position, consequently the same form, nevertheless, holds a change in herself: the parallel element is reflected, turned or shifted in the corner.
For this series of rings I have tackled free forms and her arrangements on the hand, how do they integrate themselves on the hand and how do they follow the movement of the bearer? The functionality of the jewelry thereby steps to present and his material value and status in the background. Just as much if the ring is posed he is changed in a little sculpture in a space, fixed on a red element, which represents a rocket in a landscape.

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